Coventry on Lake Chivero pollution

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Coventry on Lake Chivero pollution Kirsty Coventry


Paul Pindani  recently in  Norton

The minister of Sport, Art and Recreation, Kirsty Coventry, has bemoaned the deterioration of wetlands due to heavy pollution of raw domestic sewage, raw industrial effluent and urban waste into rivers that eventually feed into Lake Chivero.

Coventry said this in a speech read on her behalf by I Vambe, Director in the Sport Recreation Commission, during the Lake Chivero Challenge.


She said that poor agricultural practices have also contributed to siltation within the Lake.


” Poor agricultural practices have contributed to major siltation problems within the Lake and not forgetting water hyacinth, an invasive alien species which has invaded this water body,”


” As a way of biodiversity restoration, wetlands protection and improving our recreational facilities in Zimbabwe, we applaud the efforts put by Kuimba Shiri , our youth and respected partners for using sport as an awareness tool in saving Lake Chivero,” said Coventry.


She added.


” This wetland has become a source of livelihood and business to many families through various tourism and recreational activities.


Mashonaland West Environmental Management Agency’s Information and Publicity Offficer, Munyaradzi Nhariswa, told H-METRO that Lake Chivero, formally Lake Macllwaine was constructed in 1952 for various purposes which include irrigation, commercial fishing and above all, as the main source of municipal water supply for city of Harare.


The Lake was declared a Ramsar wetland of international importance on January 3rd, 2013, because of it’s great hydrological importance to the country.


It provides an ideal breeding and feeding environment for over 400 bird species, including 20 species of migratory water birds.

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