COVID-19 forces urbanites to rural homes

30 Mar, 2020 - 16:03 0 Views
COVID-19 forces urbanites to rural homes


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

Scores of urban dwellers yesterday locked their doors to seek fresh air at their villages ahead of the 21 days of national lockdown beginning today.

Most of the people who spoke to H-Metro at Mbare Musika bus terminus pleaded with Government to issue a reprieve from paying school fees and rentals arguing that most of their money comes from informal trading.

One of the commuters Lucia Chitendere, 45, said she will only return in Harare after COVID-19 recedes and when schools agreed with Government on considering their situation.

“Tasiya takiya mikova takuenda kwedu kumusha kwa Mahachi village maIshe Murambwa kutiza chirwere chakauya chinenge Muramba tsvina yepiri,” said Chitendere.

“I have taken all my children including school going and will only return when it is safe to live in Harare but my appeal to the Government is to work out a solution in making sure schools do not demand fees upon the opening of school term.

“As for me I depend on informal trading and if nothing is agreed on school fees and rentals since this disease forced us to stay away from work for the next three weeks, it costs my children’s future.

“Transporters have no mercy with us and are charging us exorbitant fares as well as groceries and we have no choice but to spend everything that can take us through 21 days of lockdown,” she said.

Another commuter Lameck Rinhemhota, 47, who was on his way to Murambinda in Buhera lamented how he spent his money on perishables in fear of the three-week lockdown.

“Perishable goods have emptied my pockets that I do not think I will have any money to pay school fees or rentals,” said Rinemhota.

“I left my rented house empty and if things comes to worse I will sell the bed, wardrobe and sofas to raise money to return to Harare after the lockdown,” he said.

He told H-Metro that transporters were charging 100 bond to Murambinda regardless of dropping along the way.



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