Covid-19 has affected me: Kakomo

26 Jun, 2020 - 11:06 0 Views
Covid-19 has affected me: Kakomo Wishies Kakomo


Shelly Guni, Sports Reporter
Foxes and Zimbabwe national basketball team player Wishies Kakomo said the Covid-19 lockdown has affected him mentally.
The 24-year-old said he feels like he has lost a sense of purpose as he is no longer sure what to do with his time as compared to life before lockdown when he always spent his time in the court, training or competing.
“Covid-19 has affected me in many ways,” he told H-Metro.
“To start with, as an athlete I constantly need to train in order to keep fit and be able to perform at a high level as I am required to. I have lost a lot of time.
“Basketball is something that I grew up with and so it is a part of me. It is hard not to play basketball so it has affected my well being mentally,” he said.
Kakomo added that, the lockdown “has also separated me from my peers whom I am used to spending time with.

“Also I feel like I have lost a sense of purpose because I’m not sure of what to do with my time.
“I cannot train at home. I have gained weight because of sitting at home and it is going to be difficult to get back in the game.” the former Harare City Hornets player who won the 2017 National Basketball League title said.
However, Kakomo said he has managed to get some positives from the lockdown.
“I have learnt to appreciate the joy of playing sport and being fit considering that right now I cannot do both.
“I have also learnt that sometimes I may not always have the right circumstances to keep in shape but i have to do what it takes.
“Also I have learnt that there is more to life than being an athlete as I have had more time to figure myself out.”
He went on to add that the lockdown has also given him time to reflect on his career.
“Having reflected on the past games we have had, l have come to realize that l need to improve on my passing skill since Foxes are a star oriented team and everyone around me has great scoring ability,” he added.
Kakomo made his debut appearance in the national team this year during the AfroBasket 2021 men’s pre-qualifiers group in January.
Meanwhile the former Brave Hearts and Unza player (of Malawi and Zambia respectively) went on to speak about his experience with foreign clubs.
“I can say it was a great experience, because I got to learn about different basketball systems from the foreign teams which made me a better player. The experience made me get rid of jitters of playing against other better teams that I couldn’t play against if I were local based,” he said.
He is looking forward to a successful career in basketball.

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