Covid-19 inspires author

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Covid-19 inspires author Believe Mandaza


Pretiosa Chimuti

YOUNG author Believe Mandaza has urged people to remain focused during trying times of Covid-19.

In his two books – “Overcomer” and “Supernatural Sustenance” – the prolific writer has urged people to not to give up but rather to be positive and carry on with life.


“Covid-19 has proven that many people were never ready for such a crisis and my books have come at the right time to address how one can stand against this deadly pandemic.


“The general overview from my work shows us the fact that God has given us victory over this pandemic cannot be over emphasised.


“In the book of Zacharia, the Bible questions situations saying, ‘who art thou great mountain before Zerubabell?’ What is Covid-19 to a believer born of God and has been given all power by God?” said Mandaza.


Mandaza, who is also a minister of the word and leadership trainer, urged people to have faith in God all the time.


“In my book Supernatural Sustenance, the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelations is just an expression of the sovereignty of God that is why in both good and bad times we still need to remember that the same God is speaking and taking his people from one point to another through different experiences, just like some of us being taken through Covid-19.


“A lot have appreciated the way God has sustained them during the Covid-19 pandemic. God is above our circumstances no matter how fierce they have been described and he has also granted us victory over them,” he said.


According to his profile, Mandaza is an engineering graduate from the Harare Institute of Technology.


His other books are Crushing on my success and Throne Room Dialogue have managed to sell to people in other countries for example Dubai, South Africa, United Kingdom and Mozambique.


In the introductions in one of his recent books Overcomer, the quest for revival he talks about how Job, Joseph, David, Jesus Christ amongst other names in the bible went through hardships and it looked like everything was over but in the end God stepped in to prove to the Devil that he was still in control, thus he is still in control even during this pandemic.



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