Crime does not pay

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Crime does not pay


Yesterday’s story headlined, “Man Nabbed for US$60k armed robbery” – in which a Kuwadzana man was remanded in custody after he appeared in court charged for armed robbery involving over US$60 000 – should serve as a gentle reminder of the consequences of crimes as grave as armed robbery.

The story is subjudice and cannot be discussed in detail but there have been many similar stories before the courts and the results have not been rosy.


The fact is robbers always get caught.


Last year we featured a story of a notorious robber who was jailed 58 years after being nabbed by the Zimbabwe Republic police.


People see these criminals and laud their names and treat them like heroes and wave at their exploits without realizing that these criminals have one out of two destinies – jail or death.


They are known sometimes for living lavish lifestyles and when they run out of money, they go to the next victim and attack.


The robber who was jailed for 58 years cowardly targeted women and attacked over 30 of them leaving them bruised and traumatized.


Today he is in jail, with 57 more years to serve.


The age-old cliché states that he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword and this has rung true for most armed or murderous criminals in this country.


In the end this robber was caught and sentenced to 58 years in prison. He is 22. This means he has lost his entire adult life to a prison cell  – a chance he may never get again.


And this has been the fate of many – if not all – armed robbers.


What is true about life is it rewards people for their hard work in anything. These robbers who spend all their energy learning to terrorise innocent citizens do get good at it and even steal and harm and kill many people while they are at it.


But there is justice in the country, world and universe. The wrong are always caught in the end and they always pay for their crimes.


It is a sad sight seeing some robbers sprawling in blood after getting shot. But society is better without such men out in the streets. Those bloody pictures should serve as a warning to anyone who thinks there is a future in armed robbery or any criminal activity.


That is how the script ends, in bloody deaths or tormenting years in jail.


And there are enough examples of such tragic ends to learn from.


People are not learning and the courts continue to have these criminals. The young must learn and decide now never to indulge in criminal activity, no matter the circumstances.

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