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CRM making waves CRM Praise


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SOUTH Africa-based gospel choral group – CRM Praise – in basking in the success of their debut DVD album titled The Sings My Soul, which is making waves in the neighbouring country as well as back home.

The outfit, which has 16 members, is a brainchild of Pastor William Chapanduka who leads the Christ Resurrection Ministries where the name CRM emanates from.

CRM manager Pastor Farai Denhere said they are happy with the response to their 14-track project is making, especially on online music platforms.

“The response to the music has been generally overwhelming and quite encouraging for a project of which it was the first of its own kind.

“Quite a number of people scrambled for the CD and other rushed to our online platform on YouTube,” said Pastor Denhere.

The fast rising outfit is being rewarded for its hard work with rapid increase on their engagements to perform at different events, notes Pastor Denhere.

“Ever since the release of the project, the group has been invited for various performances and the schedule is getting more and more packed as we go.

“We have now reached a level where we even have two performances in one night.”

The group is, however, not resting on the laurels of the first project, but have since returned to the studio with work on another project due next year already in progress.

“Currently we are busy in the studio with our produce and music director Alasters Mushoriwa working on demos for our next project which is to be recorded next year in May.

“However before that we are going to release a number of singles just to give a teaser of our next project,” said Pastor Denhere.

CRM Praise was founded in 2017 and hogged the limelight in 2018 with its debut DVD project.

The group comprises of a choir of 11 members (4 sopranos, 4 altos and 3 tenors ) and a band 5 making a total of 16 members.

As a youthful group, the group offers quite a palatable music menu that embraces quite a number of music genres to cater for all age groups.

The thrust of such mixtures is to stay relevant and also broaden its horizon.

The group has worked with a number of renowned gospel musicians, among them Takesure Zamar.

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