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AFRO jazz crooner, painter and academic, Tafadzwa Gora, reckons he made a good move when he ventured into music.

Better known as Zowa Macharaga, in jazz circles, the crooner, who touched hearts of many with a debut 15-track album titled Bambiro, says he is here to stay.

Despite receiving overwhelming response on national radio and television, the crooner says he is out to make an impression.

H-Metro’s Shingirirayi Mugodi (SM) had a chat with the crooner (TG) who opened up on his plans for the last quarter. Read on…

SM: What can you say about the reception of your music?

TG: The reception has been quite encouraging. I am always getting feedback that my music is deep, well thought out, thought provoking and, above all, unique.

It is good when you realise that you are a unique artist with a distinct sound and not a copycat.

SM: Your plans before the last quarter of 2022?

TG: There are three projects that I have worked on for 2022 and will be releasing them soon.

The first will be a single track called “Commissioner” which I am releasing before the end of August.

It is a song directed to the Police Commissioner to intervene and nip in the bud the rising cases of mugging, armed robberies, sexual abuse and murders that are linked to rituals by people who are after amassing wealth.

On this song, I worked with Producer Lizzie T. Chapo and Wellington “Strings” Mutepaire who played the lead guitar.

The instrument is a fusion of western acoustic which I created and our own Zimbabwean Chigiyo sound, which can be traced back to the Zig-Zag band.

The lyrics are a mixture of Shona and English language.

The second project is what I titled “Mbona Mbona (Pursuit) A Tetralogy of Music” which will have four tracks addressing a central theme on the social, economic and political scene, in our country.

I worked with producer Clive “Mono” Mukundu of Monolio Studios on two of the songs, Majichimbochimbo and Zvimukuyu, while the other two songs, Musoro Mhepo and Gogogoi were produced by Charles Ayibek of Big Sound Studios. This project should be released at the end of the year.

The third project is a full album called Bvumaudzi which will carry eight songs. I am working with Monolio Studios on this one.

We are still deciding on the release dates.

SM: What strides have you made to penetrate the market?

TG: I am steadfastly marketing my music on all social media platforms as well as working with both electronic and print media on promotional interviews and acoustic sessions.

Recently, I did an acoustic session with was featured on 3K TV DStv Channel 293.

It was a great learning experience and the feedback was amazing.

I am grateful to Pryyd Ngonie of FACEOFFtv, Kelvin Buleya “Kevy Cee” of Sykelix World Media and Lloyd Mhungu of Eagle Focus, who reached out to me and made my performance and appearance on 3K TV DStv Channel 293 possible.

I have also started holding live performances, with the recent one being a solo performance I did on the 29th of July at The Jameson Hotel’s (The Usual Place). I opened for Romeo Gasa and Extra Valembe.

I am thankful to Romeo Gasa for giving me this opportunity. I will be performing with my full band, Gora Zowa Afrocoustics very soon.

SM: How do you balance your business schedules as an academic, researcher and singer?

TG: Music is my first passion and there is no better way to respond to this question than to quote Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. I always find time to balance this. I am a perfectionist in my work. Those whom I have with in academic, work and research circles can attest to this.

 SM: Why were young starving your fans of live shows when your music is doing well?

 TG: We have sorted this out and quite a number of shows are on the way.

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