Paul Pindani in CHINHOYI

MUSIC producer and singer, Paul “Swagger” Moyo, has lamented the shortage of jazz venues in Chinhoyi and its surrounding areas.

Chinhoyi University Hotel is the only venue that caters for artists in this particular genre at the moment.

In an interview, Swagger said jazz still appeals to mature music listeners.

“To be frank, I love jazz music as a genre but our town Chinhoyi lags behind since we don’t have enough venues promoting it.

“The only place that offers jazz artists space to perform is Chinhoyi University Hotel.

“Other places in our town prefer promoting other genres like Zim Hip Hop, Singura, Zimdancehall and amapiano.

“Judging by my talent, I think I can go places if I get a place where we are appreciated. We can’t rely on one venue as it stands,” he said.

Swagger, who has been producing and recording music since 2013, chronicled his journey.

“I was a 15-year-old teenager when I ventured into music and had a bias towards jazz.

“Besides being a singer, I am a music producer with so many upcoming and rising artists under my stable such as King Jazz, Bongrie Fire, Stambo, Super King, Tony K and Ras Buka, just to mention a few.”

Swagger, who started his career in the Mzari suburb of Chinhoyi, added:

“I am happy that I have managed to churn out stars in Chinhoyi. My only plea is for venue owners to accommodate jazz musicians.

“Jazz is music for the mature and should be preserved.”

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