Crooner relives misfortune

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Crooner relives misfortune Painful Pozvo


…My mother dumped me @ 3 months

…strangers have changed my life

HELLO H-Metro readers and Afro pop music lovers,

I feel blessed contributing to this column in my own capacity as a songwriter, choreographer and dancer.

As an orphaned musician, I strongly believe that my upbringing will help me to inspire others who might have given up owing to various challenges.

I wouldn’t want to pre-empt it all and I would like to urge to simply follow my story below. Read on…


My real name is Brian Nyamadzawo but those in my circles prefer calling Painful Pozvo, a stage name which captures my background.

I was born on the 28th of August in 1995 in Domboshva, being the only child in the family.

However, I did not get enough time with my mother Beaulah Gwara who dumbed me when I was only three months and vanished.

My father died in 2000 when I was only five and I had to stay with my grandmother as my guardian for the greater part of my infancy.

Sadly, gogo Firomina Manhete died in 2008, which meant more problems for me.

Prior to gogo’s death, I once stayed with relatives in Budiriro, Harare.

It was in Budiriro where I did part of my primary education but I found myself back in Domboshava once again where I completed my Ordinary Level at Pote Secondary School.

After my writing my “O” Levels which I failed, I decided to pursue my music career.

Music was my only source of hope and painkiller to heal the wounds I have nursed in my entire life.

In short, I had a tough upbringing and it still haunts me since I wanted to lead a normal life like others are doing.

Professionally, I worked at a car wash along Enterprise Road where I clean cars for car sale bosses and individuals.

I have done a singles collection which carries six tracks that I am promoting with the help of my bosses.


As a young Afro pop artiste, who fuses various genres of music, I would like to market Zimbabwe on the world map should resources permit.

Talent wise, I don’t my voice and ability and that is why many people are beginning to appreciate my music.

As someone who was raised under harsh conditions, I would like to set up an orphanage in future so that I take care of the less privileged people.

My experiences as an orphan who was raised by several well-wishers, have made me realise the need to change other people’s lives.


Regarding my passion for music, I can safely say it started when I was in grade three in Budiriro.

Then, the like of King Labash, Xtra Large, Yagga, Chigutiro Family  and a number of urban grooves stars under Delani Makalima used to visit our schools where we give the mic to mimic them.

King Labash told me I was talented and I kept it in my heart  and today I vividly remember his words.

Then after my writing my “O” Levels, I formed my group called D-Squad that has the likes of Rish Taker, X-Man, Wonder Bwoy  and of course myself the boss, Painful.

With the help of these lads, we have recorded our single compilation which  has tracks such has Rufu Murairo, Vimbai, Dairai, Madziva Erudo, Tiri 2 and Huya.

We are also in the studio working on new stuff due for release anytime soon.

With the help of Mr Bandza and Boss Ngodza, I see a bright future since they are giving me the platform to express my artistic talent.


In as far as my role models, Stunner, Yombreeman, ExQ and Maskiri tops the list.

To be safe, I can safely say I salute all the pioneers of urban grooves music which gave birth to a number of other successful artistes.

However, I would love to emulate Winky D if I continue working hard because he represents the youth well.


With regards to my love life, I am simply concentrating on my music career and I will only date when I am financially stable.

At the moment I am concentrating on my career and I wouldn’t want to disappoint my benefactors who are pouring out their money for my music projects.

I’m concentrating on my stuff.


Despite being perceived to be an ‘underground’ artiste, I used to hold shows in Domboshava in the Molife area but we have stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The same pandemic has also stalled my progress but we once wowed fans at Molife Business Centre with a breath-taking act.

Many people sang along to our music since it was also popular in the area  and it was indeed awesome.


Like any other artiste, life won’t flow all the time.

I once had a nightmarish show when I performed wearing shoes which were not giving me conform.

I borrowed shoes from a friends who gave me size six shoes when I wear size seven and all the hell broke loose when I was on stage.

I could not remove the shoes because I didn’t want to embarrass myself but I could not finish my act since I was putting on shoes which had no comfort.


Like I indicated earlier on, I work at a car sales where I clean cars for customers and individuals for a living.

I work at Elagance Car Wash housed at Humble Beginning Motors where I take orders from my bosses like Boss Badza and Ngodza.

I’m really living my dream because my life is beginning to shape up as we speak.


On a parting shot, I would like to thank God for the God given talent and all the various stakeholders who have been supportive.

As an orphan, I have realised that good people still exists and I will continue doing my best.

I thank you!

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