Cross border trader demands $1 730

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Cross border trader demands $1 730


Takudzwa Taruvinga, Court Reporter

A HARARE woman appeared in court demanding $1,730 maintenance from her ex-husband for the upkeep of their two minor children.

The matter came to light at Harare Civil Court where Amanda Chapanzira accused her husband Takudzwa Chimuka of neglecting their children.

“Your Worship, I want my ex-husband to maintain our children with $1,730. He does not provide food and clothes.

“Chimuka is a taxi driver and he earns between 40 and 50USD per day.

“I am a cross border trader. I earn a little per month which is not enough for the upkeep of the children,” said Chapanzira.

In response, Chimuka denied ever neglecting the needs of his children.

“Your Worship, my ex-wife is not being honest.

“I pay school fees for our children. I earn $200 per month which is not enough to cater for all the expenses.

“I am married and my wife is the one taking care of me,” said Chapanzira.

Presiding magistrate Nyasha Marufu order Chimuka to pay $300 per month.

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