Cross border traders call for reduced Covid-19 testing fees

18 Dec, 2020 - 09:12 0 Views
Cross border traders call for reduced Covid-19 testing fees Dr Killer Zivhu


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Cross Border Traders’ president Killer Zivhu is pleading with the Government to intervene in the case of pricing on PCR tests which are pegged at US$60.

Zivhu described the pricing as exorbitant for ordinary Zimbabweans who are surviving on buying and selling.


Some of the tests last for 72 hours and it’s a difficult process for traders who will end up opting for the easier way of bribing.


“We are saying when cross borders spend 72 hours, dzikapera uri out, they should be tested there, not border jumping because it will endanger others.


“If they don’t have money they should just come back within those stipulated hours.


“We condemn corruption happening at the border and everything which is not legal.


“If you look at this situation, security officers are the ones accompanying the border jumpers to skip after they would have been paid.”


Zivhu recommends that everyone should be tested to safeguard the lives of many.


“Leaving people not tested endangers the lives of people, so we are pleading with the Government to intervene so that these PCR tests become cheaper since the majority of people are surviving on buying and selling.


“Their movements are regular so these US$60 charges for the rest are too much for these people, they cannot afford at all.


“So we are looking up to the President and Minister of Health to intervene on these prices of US$60 because it is too much for Zimbabweans,” he added.


He also urged the ministry to publish names of laboratories carrying out tests.


“The ministry should publish names of laboratories which they approved to test PCR so that they be known.


“As it stands people do not know and they are just being given fake Covid-19 certificates since they do not know the right laboratories.


“At the same time there are some people who are not happy with our programme of charging at low prices of US$15.


“But we should consider that we have poor who cannot part away with US$60 in just 72 hours.


“There is need for tighter security at the border, people are just entering the border without proper documentation.”


Meanwhile, the association recently signed a pact with Bulawayo based Kei Laboratory to carry out PCR test across the country at cheaper prices to help in fighting the virus.

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