Cross border traders grounded: Zivhu

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Cross border traders grounded: Zivhu Killer Zivhu


28 February 2019

Dr Killer Zivhu

Shalom Manguni

Cross border traders have requested the government to assist them in getting foreign currency from banks for the upkeep of their entities as they play an important role in the economy.

Speaking during a press conference yesterday, Cross Borders Association of Zimbabwe president Killer Zivhu said cross borders were failing to conduct business as a result of failure to access forex.

“It is difficult for cross borders to put their products in shops because they are not getting money formally to conduct business.

“Cross borders sector was the back bone in 2007 when all the shops were selling condoms and firewood. Cross borders ensured that there was food in the country,” Zivhu said.

He said there were products which were not manufactured in the country which needed the hand of the cross border to import.

“We want companies to resuscitate and produce but there are things that are not manufactured in Zimbabwe which are needed on a day to day basis and these are the same products that the cross boarders are bringing in.

“If measures are not taken to accommodate cross boarder traders with immediate effect the rates are going to rise.”

Zivhu said his association was ready to assist, do awareness campaigns, conduct workshops across the nation and work with banks which have pre-paid visa cards and master cards to ensure that the economy stabilises.

“If we do not work together and the cross borders are not functioning well, we will see a rise in school drop outs and also an increase of rural to urban migration,” he said.

He said cross border traders occupied a special realm in the running of the economy.

He implored the government to avail packages for cross border traders whereby they will be buying forex in banks which have master cards and prepaid visa cards.

He urged the government to put measures so that money does not find its way from the bank for re-trading on the black market.

“Bureau de changes must come with strict measures to avoid money changers from getting money from them and making profit out of it.

“Banks, parastatals and big companies should not buy money on the streets no matter what circumstances. By availing the facility to the cross border traders this will be the beginning of eradication of black market,” said Zivhu.

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