Cross border traders’ vision

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Cross border traders’ vision Killer Zivhu


1 June 2018

Killer Zivhu

WITH the new dispensation in place, cross border traders have pledged to do business in a formal way to contribute meaningfully to the economy.

Addressing cross border representatives drawn around the country yesterday, Cross Border Traders Association of Zimbabwe president Killer Zivhu said they have been looked down upon yet they were the pillar when it came to providing food for families in 2008 when the economy had reached all all-time low.

Zivhu said they would soon rebrand to Small and Medium Importers and Exporters Association of Zimbabwe and contribute meaningfully to the economy.

“Our membership is more than two million people and we can make a great change in imports and exports and that will contribute immensely to the growth of our economy.

“We and to bring foreign currency into the country and this will be achieved in this new dispensation.

“We have been labelled vendors and looked down upon but families survived in 2008 because of the food we brought to the country from other countries,” Zivhu said.

Zivhu who is parliamentary candidate for Chivi South in the coming harmonised elections said their more than two million members were fully behind the ED administration and were going to support him the forthcoming elections.

“ED will surely bring desired results and we as cross border traders we are fully behind him.

“We want all our members to be in the country by July 25 as they prepare for election and they can do about their business after voting and even if they hear of results while doing business in other countries after casting their votes it is ok,” he said

Zivhu said they would soon implore the Government to avail them land to build stalls for their members so that they do business in a more organised way.

“I joined politics so that I fight to formalize the so called informal sector.

“The government can give us land to build stall for our members out of town where our members do not disturb traffic flow. Customers can easily get to where we will be housed because there will be proper structures.

“This will certainly create employment if all is done in a proper mamer,” Zivhu said.

Zivhu said his association was working to see to it that some of their members get products from within Zimbabwe for resale.

“There have been complaints by our members of being robbed in neighbouring countries as well as being abused. We want that to end so some goods will be availed here in the country.

“We can also make partnerships for exporting,” said Zivhu.

Zivhu said his association had made sure they are recognised at borders while they had their members to get goods from as far as Mauritius, Turkey, China and United Arab Emirates among other countries.

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