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CROWHILL Estate lawyer, Timon Tambana, says the demolition of properties, which were built on land acquired illegally, was done according to the law.

The lawyer said the Sheriff of the High Court acted accordingly, in terms of the law, and is clients were only enforcing the judgments obtained from the courts.

Yesterday, an H-Metro crew visited Crowhill Estate and witnessed some of the properties which were demolished.

“The Sheriff of the High Court simply enforced the 2021 judgment by Justice Chinamhora,” said Tambana.

Justice Chinamhora ruled that:

“The respondents (the Pambukanis) or any of their agents and/or employees, or anyone acting on their behalf are ordered to cease operations and remove all of their equipment and/or materials on the land and/or stands they are currently occupying in Crowhill Estate…failing which the Sheriff of Zimbabwe be and is hereby directed forthwith to remove the said equipment and/or materials.”

The people, whose properties were demolished, bought the land from Florence and Felix Pambukani who have been claiming ownership of the estate despite losing the case at the High Court and in the Supreme Court.

The controversial couple, who were once convicted of defrauding Lonrho Zimbabwe and served an eight-year prison term for fraud, have been parcelling out portions of Crowhill Estate and selling it to individuals.

However, many of those who bought the land from them have been evicted by the Sheriff of the High Court.

These home-seekers are the biggest losers in this messy ownership battle for this prime real estate.

The 2021 High Court order, which mandated the eviction of all illegal occupants, remained disregarded as buyers, misled by the Pambukanis, resisted eviction.

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