Culture Love aims for the stars

Zolani Nleya

PROMISING Zim dancehall artist, Culture Love (pictured), wants to touch the stars.

Known for his comic lyrics and energetic stage performances, the chanter takes the stage as the chief executive officer’s workplace where serious business is executed.

“I will continue to give my fans something worth their money when it comes to stage performances.

“They believed in me when I started this journey so I will continue to do so and give them what they deserve.

“The sky is only the limit, I will not stop and I am destined for the stars,” he said.

The Zvivindi singer, who rose to fame with producing funny catchy songs, says he has more projects coming this year.

“In order for me to be up there with the others, I have to be consistent and the only way to do that is that I have to be seen to be giving the fans something new every time. I have a lot of songs that I am working on and they are almost ready.”

Culture Love also clarified the issue of him being more of a comedian.

“It is just an art that I adopted so that people can enjoy it even when I am performing.

“It is always like that.

“I do not take any drugs or anything as people assume.

“The energy I have is just natural because I love what I do so people should understand that it is just an art I adopted in order to deliver.”

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