Arron Nyamayaro

TODAY is D-Day for bankrupt self-styled prophet Talent Madungwe.

He has to raise the US$800 he owes his landlady, in rent arrears for four months, or face eviction from his lodgings in the Hatfield area of Harare.

 The Exile Desire of All Nations founder, who repeatedly made bizarre claims that he used to visit heaven and “hold meetings with God,” is supposed to pay US$200 per month in rent.

He has not paid even a cent in the past four months.

Last week, H-Metro exclusively revealed his plight.

He promised that he would pay his dues but it was revealed yesterday that Madungwe is yet to settle his arrears.

His landlady Gogo Mangena told H-Metro that nothing has changed.

“Prophet Madungwe keeps promising to pay rentals hanzi ndirikutsvaga, maybe Monday (today).

“Maybe, he is connecting with his followers or relatives for help,” said Gogo Mangena.

Madungwe told H-Metro that he is expecting to get some money from his friends.

“I used to pay double for my rentals the time I used to get money from my friends but this time I am not receiving any money from them.

“My vehicle is there, it doesn’t have any fuel,” he said.

If Madungwe fails to settle his debt today, there is a real possibility he will be thrown out of his lodgings.

Madungwe has since accrued US$800 for four months and is now facing eviction.

It was also revealed yesterday that Madungwe was involved in an accident a few months ago and damaged the car, which he received as a gift, from Wicknell Chivhayo, in February this year.

His neighbours told H-Metro that Prophet Madungwe was an inexperienced driver.

Zvekudhumirisa mota hazvisi zvemweya yakaipa asi kuti anonetseka nekutyaira mota zvake iye pachake.

“Akairoveresa padombo zvake,” said the neighbour.

Prophet Madungwe’s critics are claiming that he is being punished for dragging God’s Holy name into his obscure sermons.

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