Mathew Masinge

TODAY is the D-Day in the case between former football star, Edward Sadomba, and his estranged wife Sherylnn.

Harare magistrate Johanna Mukwesha, is expected to rule on the application for a protection order, which was filed by Sherylnn.

The matter was back in court yesterday, but the magistrate indicated that the ruling was not ready.

Sherylnn is accusing the ex-DeMbare star of abuse.

As part of her condition, if the order is granted, Sherylnn has applied that there be no communication between the two via WhatsApp or text messages.

On the other hand, Sadomba is accusing Sherylnn of abusing him.

In his papers, Sadomba argues that his estranged wife was the one who sends him texts to open the gate whenever she arrives from work late at night.

Through his lawyer, Charles Warara, Sadomba said:

“She wants me to communicate with her when I’m not supposed to.

“She comes home late and texts me saying I must wake up and open the gate for her.

“There are other people at the house who can open the gate for her, that are the children and maid. She expects me to act upon her requests immediately.”

Despite their fallout, the pair continues to use the same house at Pokugara Estates in Borrowdale but occupying different wings.

Sadomba has been occupying the first floor while his estranged wife stays on the ground floor, a set-up they have endured for the past two years.

The ex-footballer claims he hasn’t taken a meal cooked at his house for some time now because of the toxic nature of the situation between him and Sherylnn.

If granted, the protection order will bar Sadomba from abusing Sherylnn physically or emotionally.

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