Dairiboard donate bins

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Dairiboard donate bins


20 December 2017

DAIRIBOARD Zimbabwe Ltd yesterday donated 300 bins valued at $13 000 to the City of Harare at Town House.

Dairiboard Corporate Affairs Manager, Imelda Shoko and Director of works of City of Harare Zvenyika Chawatama presented the bins to city’s spokesperson Michael Chideme at the ceremony.

“As Dairiboard we’ve got a responsibility to support all activities that the city of Harare tends to embark on, we know for a fact that one of the main goals of city of Harare is to achieve world class city status by 2025.

“As critical stake holders we can’t sit back and watch them try to achieve this world class city status. We are here to partner with the city of Harare,” said Shoko.

According to Shoko, there was need to avail bins in the city since Harare has the highest population traffic because it is the administrative centre.

This status is interlinked with the amount of rubbish in the streets hence the need for more bins.

“We have provided 175 bins in the past few years Dairiboard provided a total of about 175 bins and obviously with time the bins tend to wear out, we have made a commitment as team Dairiboard that now and again we have to provide litter bins if we want to contribute to the upkeep of our city,” added Shoko.

Chideme thanked the Dairiboard representatives and went on to contribute information about the progress of the city’s vision.

“We are engaged in a number of activities which includes purchase of 10 refuse trucks, so as to ensure that we consistently adhere to the refuse collection schedule in our town.

We have the purchase of 10 Skip lager trucks and the installation of above ground and underground bins to prevent litter”,”said Chideme.

The City Council has a target goal which they believe should be every stakeholder’s mandate, to participate in the consistent up keeping of the city’s sanitation.

The ultimate goal is to make Harare reach world class status by the year 2025.


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