Dambaza’s daughter speaks

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Dambaza’s daughter speaks Bishop Dambaza's children


Shalom Manguni, H-Metro Reporter

Oreen, eldest daughter to the late Bishop Berry Dambaza, has revealed that her father was a strict man who taught them life and how to pray.

She described her father as a prayerful, loving and caring man.

Oreen narrated how strict her father was.

“Growing up, my dad was someone who loved God and the church and to a certain extent I thought that he loved people from church more than us.

“Some church members would call around 2am and he would go to attend to them.

“To his children, he was very strict and it really helped us.

“He was passionate about his ministry and he would wake up to pray around 2 am and we also adopted that,” she said.

The daughter also revealed that her father had plans to see her big wedding in Zimbabwe.

“Recently, I was in touch with my dad a lot because I was about to get married, the last time we talked was on a Friday in a video call and he was smiling, he looked happy, I couldn’t even sense that something was wrong with him.

“On the 21st of September I got married in the UK and I would say he was happy because he sent me countless emails congratulating me, blessing my marriage, citing how proud he was and he sounded very happy.

“He actually had plans for me, that’s why this is very difficult to accept since he wanted me to have a big wedding in Zimbabwe where he would invite everyone,” she said.

Oreen added:

“I remember arguing about the big wedding but we later on agreed with my husband to have a big wedding, those were his plans for me.

“Now this happens with him going this way and it is very difficult for me.

“I was hoping to come back for a big wedding like what we had planned but all the same, Glory be to God.”

She regrets losing a motivating father.

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