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DANCER IN INDIAN SHOW FINALS Lawrence ‘Flexxy Smith’ Sirewo


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

A 23-YEAR-OLD dancer has made it to top eight in an Indian dance show.

Lawrence ‘Flexxy Smith’ Sirewo says he is ready to represent the country at that stage.

“I saw their platforms and programs before I started following their Instagram page and that moment I saw a poster before I messaged them.


They auditioned me to get into their competition and I made it.


“The competition started on February 7 this year. We were around 30 dance crews and solo dancers and out of all that, we were two Africans; myself and the other guy.

“The rest were Indian dance crews and solo dancers, so from top 30 we competed and on each round they were removing four participants.


“So from the 30 who competed, I made it to top 12 in which we were given tasks to dance using a pillow, chair or a toy and send the dance videos.


“I then qualified for top eight among the seven dance crews and solo dancers from India.


“So now, we are waiting for the last round and if I get in top four, I will earn a ticket to India, get into their reality shows, win prizes, certificates and get into projects with the KADJAA Entertainment Company,” he said.


Flexxy Smith started dancing at a tender age whilst in Kadoma.


“I realised that I was a good dancer at the age of eight and I started my own dance crew called Amagedon Kids in which we used to do street dancing, acting, performing on road shows, beer halls, shopping centres and clubs.


“At the age of 10, I started teaching kids how to dance at school.


“I upgraded and started doing wedding choreography, entertainment on different platforms, going to different dance competitions and then after Form Four, I opened a dance academy called World of Talents in Kwekwe, doing dance classes, Zumba, fitness workouts and choreography and from there I did many music videos, wedding choregraphy and dance classes.”


He has also entered competitions, including the Chibuku Talent Show, where he came third.


“I also participated at DreamStar competitions and made it to the finals twice. In the Amazing Talent Show, I went to the finals and in Prophet Magaya’s Yoi competitions, I went as far as the finals,” he added.

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