Zvikomborero Parafini 

A CHINESE man, who was contracted to sell tyres on behalf of a local company, failed to account for US$72 000 and, after further interogation, told his employer he had blown the money at a casino.

Yu Yue was not asked to plead when he appeared in court yesterday.

The complainant is Osaka (Pvt) Ltd.

The circumstances are that between June last year, and April this year, Yue was acting as the company’s sales person and was entrusted with selling tyres to various customers.

The court heard that Yue was not handing over cash to the company.

An audit was conducted by the company this month.

After the audit, the company noted that there was a shortfall of USD$72 050.

Yue was then asked to produce the missing money and he indicated that he had spent all the money at a casino. 

Nothing was recovered.

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