Arron Nyamayaro

AN 11-year-old girl ran away from home and slept outdoors on Wednesday after her parents beat her up for not knowing the number of weeks in a year.

She sustained bruises and a swollen left hand.

The girl walked from Westlea to Cranborne and sought refuge at a fuel station along Chiremba Road where she slept.

A security guard took her to Hatfield Police Station at 6am.

The child’s parents, Jessica Nyamuzinga and Joseph Sande, were yesterday called in to the police’s Victim Friendly Unit.

Jessica, a secretary at Mugodhi Apostolic Faith Church, confirmed beating up her daughter.

“I am sorry for beating up my child. Ndakamurova nemugoti,” said Jessica.

“She disappeared into the dark and we failed to locate her. We wanted to lodge a missing person report, but were turned away since seven days hadn’t passed.

“I didn’t eat the whole day looking for her,” Jessica said.

Joseph said the beating started after his daughter failed her homework.

“We were watching an African movie on television while she was doing her homework,” said Joseph.

“It was a coincidence that in the movie, a student failed to answer a question about how many weeks are in a year, and we asked our daughter the same question and she failed.

“That is when her mother beat her up. Besides, she is notorious at home and at school,” he said.

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