Milicent Chasinda

A MABVUKU man has been granted a protection order against his daughter who has been harassing, insulting and threatening him with death.

John Tembiwa said his daughter, Judith Tembiwa, was a nuisance whenever she was drunk.

She has now been barred from visiting his home.

“She comes home from the bar drunk and starts insulting me. She does not listen to me at all.

“We can’t continue living together because I’m now afraid of her.

“She has even threatened to beat me up, so I want her to move out of my house,” he said.

Judith denied assaulting or insulting her father.

“I only told him that I cannot afford to pay him rent since my husband died.

“It’s up to him to chase me out of his house.

“Let him do what he wants, but I have anywhere to go,” said Judith.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted John the protection order and barred Judith from the house.

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