Daughter calls mother a witch

Milicent Chasinda

A Harare woman appeared at the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against her daughter and grandchildren.

Ginnah Muta accused her daughter Wendy Munda of bewitching her and her grandchildren Delroy and Leroy Munda of stealing.

“Wendy is my child and Delroy and Leeroy are Wendy’s children.

“She insults me and calls me a witch.

“She said I was the one causing her not to get married.

“I keep chickens and Wendy and her kids steal them.

“I do not want them at my place of residence anymore,” said Ginnah.

The respondents were all in default to answer to the allegations labelled against them.

However, Magistrate Sharon Mashavira advised him to approach the police for theft, since stealing is a criminal offense and issues of theft are not entertained at the Civil Court.

Magistrate Mashavira granted the protection order in favour of Ginnah.


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