Daughter in law taken to court

22 Jul, 2019 - 13:07 0 Views
Daughter in law taken to court


Lesleigh Chidawanyika, Court Reporter

A Hopley Farm woman was dragged to court for verbally assaulting her mother-in-law accusing her of bewitching her family.

Easter Nyashanu was not asked to plead when she appeared before Harare magistrate Masimba Chikodzore, who remanded her out of custody to August 8.

Nyashanu is facing charges of verbally assaulting Cicilia Tsvagai.

Prosecuting Shepherd Makonde, told the court that on count one, on July 17 Nyashanu approached Tsvagai, at her residency and told her that she was responsible for the misfortunes they were experiencing in the family.

It is alleged that the two had a long heated exchange of words and in the process Nyashanu shouted and suggested that Tsvagai was a wizard who has caused the death of her first year old son.

On count two, it is reported that on July 20, Nyashanu went again to Tsvagai’s residency and insulted her using vulgar language in the presence of her grandchildren.

It is alleged that Nyashanu informed Tsvagai that she was the one who was responsible why her husband Tongai Tsvagai was no longer coming home.

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