Milicent Chasinda

DEAF Zimbabwe Trust (DZT) has conducted a validation process of the Disability School Inclusion Plan for 10 schools in the Mabvuku and Tafara Epworth Districts.

The aim was to agree on the edited thematic areas, including coordination, community engagement, participation, resources, mobilisation, allocation of behavioural change and accessibility.

The plan will be used as a guiding instrument for disability inclusion in schools, addressing the current situation where students with disabilities are not fully supported in the education system and are not accessing quality education.

The organisation successfully conducted 10 validation sessions, which are supported by IM Swedish Development Partner.

The plans will be launched upon approval from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

Validated schools include Victory Academy Africa, Tafara 5 Council Primary, Danckwerts Primary, Epworth Primary, Batanai Primary, Danhiko school, Tinokwirira Special School, Simudzai Primary School and Chinamano Primary.

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