Debt collectors to go: Dr Moyo

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Debt collectors to go: Dr Moyo Dr Obadiah Moyo


3 July 2018

Dr Obadiah Moyo

Dr Obadiah Moyo has vowed to free Chitungwiza residents from the debt collectors’ menace.

In an interview with H-Metro, Dr Moyo said he would address the issue of title deeds for all land owners as well as proper planning of settlements.

Dr Moyo is running for a parliament seat in the upcoming elections for Zengeza East constituency.

“Most of the people in Zengeza who have houses do not have title deeds. They did a rent to buy deal of which now they have exceeded the time to rent and deserve their title deeds,” said Dr Moyo.

“So the first thing I will do is to get the full information about the house owners then talk to the council and ask them to give people the title deeds.

“This issue is very serious because if the owner of the house dies without the deeds it will affect the children that will be left, they won’t be able to claim the house or it will be a very big hustle so this issue needs to be solved.”

Debt collectors have been giving people a tough time in Zengeza.

“The issue of debt collectors also needs to be attended because people are being harassed every day and they are given deadlines to pay for the services that were not being delivered.

“People should be allowed to pay gradually and the majority is complaining that the council should provide the services so that they pay not just being asked to pay for things that were not delivered.

“The issue is between the council and the people not the debt collectors, there is no water and sewage is everywhere yet people are being given a hard time by the debt collectors.

“I am going to talk to the council so that they provide the services and allow people to pay gradually.”

Many people also built houses on stands that were sold by the barons and that is causing chaos because more than two or three people can claim ownership of the same stand.

“The issue of land barons should go, these people have caused disorder so it should stop. We won’t allow a situation where stands are just allocated without the council.

“We won’t chase people but the stands that have been allocated already should be regularized and in future we want order,” he said.

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