Decade in music, no breakthrough

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Decade in music, no breakthrough Shannaz


22 February 2019


AN upcoming female artiste, Shannaz – real name Shamiso Pakaenda – says she feels the anguish of having been in the music industry for more than a decade without a breakthrough.

The 27-year-old artiste started her music career at the age of 15 in 2007 but is yet to make a breakthrough.

“I know hard work pays and quitters never win but it breaks my heart that I keep trying and pushing but nothing seems to be really working.

“I am just hoping that someday my songs will get air play without paying a DJ,” said Shannaz.

“I have done a lot of projects with many different artists from urban groves, reggae, and Jazz artists till 2016 when I thought of working on my own album – Trepidation.

“I have done more than 30 singles and among them are Fire, How Come, True Love, Second Chance, just to name a few,” she added.

She is currently working on her second album set to be released in February.

“I am currently working on an album entitled I Am.

“The album talks about self-worth, doing things for ourselves, taking courage without being intimidated.

“It will be a 12 track album. Produced by Gudnyc at Goodlife Music Studio in Dzivarasekwa and I am planning to release it end of February,” she said.

Shannaz said her passion to tell the untold stories inspired her to do music.

“I am from the ghetto since I hail from Dzivarasekwa, and I feel there is need to tell the world our unique life and experience.

“The love to show unknown feelings and tell those hidden stories in our society through music, and the love of music inspired me to be a singer,” she told H-Metro.

Shannaz said financial problems is a major impediment in the music industry, and it makes female artistes vulnerable to extortion.

“All artists especially those from the hood I come from we have financial problems.

“If we have money it will be easy to invest in our careers in areas such as music videos, studio sessions, creating a band, marketing and all the necessary things required.

“That is when we end up finding men who take advantage of us.

“If you are not strong you might end up sleeping with a producer for recording and do the same with DJs and promoters,” said Shannaz.

Her future plans are to have her own band and to travel around the world.

She has worked with Guspy Warrior, Alice Farlon Richardson aka Lady Thanda, Kudzai Sevenzo, BaShupi, Memory Zaranyika, Goodfellazi Band, Shinsoman and others.


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