Tanaka Mahanya

A 37-year-old Glen View woman says living with a disability has never stopped her from fulfilling her dreams as she has created employment for herself.

Charity Deve said having a disability has never been a barrier to fulfilling the desires of her heart.

She was amputated seven years ago but has established a lucrative business of making flower vases.

In an interview at the Harare Agricultural show, she said her hand was amputated in 2016.

“I was involved in an accident when I was travelling to Botswana where I wanted to buy some goods for my business.

“During that time, I owned a traditional food court but, due to that incident, everything went south.

“My employees started stealing from me and I decided to stop the business.”

She said she received assistance from Deaf Zimbabwe Trust and USAID.

“I was taken for a training course where I learnt to make vases using towels and cement.

“I am now self-employed and I earn a living from the job.

“My family has never gone to bed hungry.

“Since I started the job, I have never failed to take care of my children.

“My husband passed away in 2012 and I have been able to take care of myself for all these years.”

She encouraged people with disabilities to make use of programmes and opportunities which come their way.

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