Talent Gore

DELTA Corporation donated equipment worth US$50 000 to the physiotherapy department at Sally Mugabe Central Hospital yesterday.

The donation includes various pieces of equipment such as exercise bikes, treadmills and ultra sound machines.

Kudzanai Gore, the chief therapist at the hospital, expressed her gratitude for the donation.

She stated that patients would now have access to world-class technology at a low cost, reducing the burden and cost of seeking rehabilitation services.

“This equipment is designed to accelerate their recovery rate with a patient requiring fewer treatments sessions before they get discharged.

“The burden and cost of seeking rehabilitation services has been reduced for our patients as most of these services in the private sector are very expensive.

“Our patients are delighted that they can access this treatment at minimum cost and so we want to thank Delta,” said Gore

Patricia Murambinda, the general manager of corporate affairs at Delta Corporation, said the donation was made in line with their belief in the well-being of Smart Drinking Goals in communities where they operate.

“Some people wonder why we have involved ourselves in health.

“We believe in the well-being SDG and out of that well-being SDG, we manufacture alcoholic beverages and we encourage smart drinking of those products, responsible consumption and responsible marketing of alcoholic beverages and hence our interest in the well-being of communities we operate in.

“That is why we chose Sally Mugabe Hospital to make this donation.

“We are very excited today to see the equipment in use because it’s one thing in making a donation and that donation is not in use, and the beneficiaries do not benefit from it.

“I really want to thank Dr Christopher Pasi (Sally Mugabe Hospital CEO) and the management team for making sure that they are using this equipment wisely,” said Murambinda.

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