Delta hands over US$12k project to Melfort Old People’s Home

Maria Chiguvari

DELTA Corporation has shown its commitment to helping communities by handing over a project worth US$12 000 to Melfort Old People’s Home yesterday.

The home, which is run by the Roman Catholic Church, was engulfed by a fire last year.

It destroyed a greenhouse and a rondoval.

The home received another greenhouse at an event that was attended by Delta Corporation representatives.

The greenhouse is 500 square metres.

Delta Corporation’s general manager, corporate affairs, Patricia Murambinda, said the company will always fulfil its pledges.

The greenhouse will allow the home to earn money by selling their green products at the market and sustain their lives.

The home currently houses 20 elderly people, 18 males and two females, with the oldest resident, Blande Jamba, being 103 years old, and the youngest, Simon Murenga  (72).

“The greenhouse and rondoval were destroyed completely. It was painful to see one of the projects we did for them being gutted by fire.

“We saw it fit to come and chip in again as we did the first time, as our hearts are always with our elderly in society. Some of these people don’t have family members and it’s very important for society to always chip in and empower them,” she said.

Daniel Francis, manager of Melfort Old People’s Home, said it was disheartening after the greenhouse and house were gutted by fire last year.

“At Melfort Old People’s Home, we have different projects that help us to cater for the elderly people, so when the greenhouse was destroyed last year, it was heartbreaking.

“We are grateful to Delta for all they have been doing for us in the past years,” he said.

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