DeMbare craft guidelines for players

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DeMbare craft guidelines for players


Monalisa John, Sports Reporter
DYNAMOS fitness coach Tendai Chituwa has given his players specific guidelines of workout so that they stay fit during the football break that has been necessitated by Covid-19.
The Harare giants are one of the teams in the Premier League who have employed a full time fitness mentor to work with the players.
With no indication of when football action will resume, there is concern that some players will be negatively affected by the unforeseen “off season” caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
In an interview, Chituwa said he has crafted a strict training programme to follow.
“When the Government issued the directive we released players from training. I then created a training programme for all the players to carry out while at home. I always try to follow up with the players to find out if they are following the programme. At times they send me videos of their workout so that I can inspect what they are doing, and check if they are doing it properly or there is need for adjustments.”
Chituwa said his players were responding well to his programme.
“Ideally I would prefer a situation where I can be with each player to monitor what they are doing. But obviously that is not possible. So I always urge them to send videos and generally I can say most of them are doing well so far.”
Chituwa said although the individual fitness programmes that the players are pursuing are useful, they cannot be compared with the drills that they usually do as a team.
“This is just a stop-gap measure and it cannot be compared to the workouts that we do when we train as a team.”
The fitness mentor says it is also up to the players to be motivated to continue working out to stay fit.
“At this level you expect players to be self-motivated and appreciate the importance of fitness. They should also be inspired to go the extra mile and do more than the fitness programme that I have given them.
“Modern football requires players to be super fit so that they can have an edge over their opponents,” he said.
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