Dembo family’s big moment beckons

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Dembo family’s big moment beckons Dembo and wife


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

LEONARD Dembo’s homestead nestled in the heart of Chirimanzu District is this Saturday the only place to be when the family commemorates his Silver Jubilee.

The event, which coincides with the unveiling of his tombstone, is aimed at celebrating the life and legacy of the departed legend.

Mai Dembo

Born Kwangwari Gwaindepi on February 6 1959, Dembo died on April 9 1996 aged 37.


He is survived by his widow Eunice Dembo (nee Munatsi), two sons – Morgen and Tendai – along with South Africa based daughter, Fenistia.

Leonard Dembo

And 25 years after his death, Dembo’s music’s timeless classics are still as wonderful as ever.


As such, Dembo’s family with the assistance of the corporate world, arts regulatory chiefs and friends have decided to honour the Chitekete hit-maker in a unique way this Saturday at Chaka Village, Midlands.

Edsree January

Chairperson of the organising committee and family friend Edsree January said it was all systems go with festivities set to begin Friday night spilling into Saturday.


“We have done all the ground work and just waiting for the day to come so that we remember our late father and legend.

Tendai and Morgen Dembo

“He died 25 years ago but he hasn’t been honoured or remembered in a way befitting a legend he was.


“We do expect visitors on Friday night with the main event set to take place on Saturday at Dembo’s homestead.


“We have also made a follow-up to the people we invited and it really promises to be a night to remember,” he said.


January – a family friend who knew Dembo pretty well – said the Barura Express founder was prophetic and a veteran lyricist hard to ignore.


“As a family friend, I can safely say that Dembo was more like a Holy Bible where were you are whipped in line if you go through scriptures.


“His music was a whip, comforter and soothing to the bleeding hearts, which made him a lyrical genius.


“I will need the whole day to explain what I have learnt from our father who had his family at heart.


“We will continue following his teachings and it is our hope that fellow musicians, high profile people and friends we invited will help us celebrate our father’s legacy,” he said.


Asked whether Dembo’s legacy was in safe hands or not, January explained:


“Well, I have been asked that question on several occasions but what I can tell you is that the boys Tendai and Morgen are doing their best.


“The sad thing is that they have been portrayed as rascals who are not committed to their word but I can assure you that the boys are doing their best.


“One thing we should not ignore is that the boys only learnt the trade when they were adults.


“When Dembo died, they were too young and to expect them to replicate their father’s wizardry as musicians is too much to ask for.”


In another interview, Dembo’s eldest son Morgen said they were humbled by the support they are getting ahead of the big weekend.


“It feels great that my father has been remembered in a big way 25 years after his death.


“We have been reading in the press where other yesteryear artistes like Simon Chimbetu, James Chimombe and Tinei Chikupo among other departed legends who have been honoured.


“I am looking forward to the event which means a lot to the family,” he said.


Similar sentiments were echoed by his younger brother Tendai who is making great strides in keeping his father’s legacy alive.


“I’m actually driving from Chirumanzu right now where I have been monitoring the situation and assisting in the preparatory part of it.


“It’s all systems go and we are just waiting for the big day to come so that we remember my father.


“We have delivered all the invitations to the guest we want to come and cover our event and it really promises to be a memorable weekend where we are going to remember my father,” he said.


Dembo’s commemorations comes at a time when the two siblings have parted ways at Barura Express.


Tendai is pursuing his solo projects while Morgen has been in the studio putting together a solo album.



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