Dembo siblings get moral support

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Dembo siblings get moral support


9 August 2016


A LOCAL stockbroker and Leonard Dembo fan believes Tendai and his brother Morgan are destined for stars.

Tedious Kasaira – a regular patron at Dandaro Inn where the siblings have a permanent midweek slot – urged the duo to safeguard their father’s legacy.

“I’m a stock broker who loves music. I love music and when we talk about the Dembos, we are talking about a family.

“I started listening to Dembo’s music at a young age; I grew up in Chitungwiza, along with my late brother Gilford where we used to attend his shows.

“We would watch Leonard Dembo perform in proper pubs and not what we have today, I’m talking about council bars although I wasn’t allowed to attend I would find my way because Dembo was a legend and he is still a legend,” said Kasaira who encouraged the siblings to workhard despite poor attendance on the day in question.

Kasaira vividly remembers Dembo’s last days before he passed on in 1996.

“I attended one of Dembo’s last shows at Takanangana in Hatcliffe, then he had lost weight but he came out to perform.

“He sang Chitekete and literally everyone cried in that bar. He sang so well but we could see that he was sick. I encourage the boys to be like their father and I am happy that the legacy is not dying.

“In the last show we had Nicholas Zakarai backing him and we had Nasho playing the bass guitar

“Dembo never danced during live shows in his entire career, he was a shy person, he would just wear a cap and he would perform.”

Commenting on Morgan’s ability, Kasaira said;

“Morgan Dembo was actually anointed to lead the band but I don’t know what happened to him.

“However, I’m happy that Tendai has taken leadership of that band and has actually helped it to move forward.

“Morgan sounds the late Dembo, I want him to come back and be part of the group. I know Tendai won’t mind him coming back, he should be disciplined like his dad.

“Since he came in, he has done very well and I believe that Dembo’s legacy is going to prevail. What we should do is to support these young boys to actually move forward and do well.”

Kasaira gave went on to give the two siblings – Tendai and Morgan – cash to share among the group.

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