Demolitions in Glen Norah

22 Apr, 2020 - 12:04 0 Views
Demolitions in Glen Norah


Zvikomborero Parafini, H-Metro Reporter

Harare City Council yesterday demolished illegal vending structures in Glen Norah in its move to re-organise the city for an organised post Covid-19 pandemic strategy.

In the suburb, illegal vendors had become an eyesore with some taking up space in the council parking bays.

Council destroyed all makeshift structures as they were also disturbing the flow of traffic.

In an interview, council spokesperson Michael Chideme said the vendors will be moved to a designated sites where they will be relocated to in due course.

“What has been removed are the makeshift structures on roadsides and illegal parking bays.

“On the question of where they are to be moved to, the vendors are to be relocated into the established markets which had been abandoned,” said Chideme.

Chideme added that the removal of these illegal structures in Glen Norah is in line with the goal for the informal sector reorganisation in preparation of an organised post Covid-19 strategy.

“This is council’s steps of the informal sector reorganisation in preparation for an orderly post Covid19 strategy,” said Chideme.


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