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Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

OUTSPOKEN comedienne Mai TT says she invests a lot in her two daughters’ bright future as a way of exorcising anti-progress demons.

The 35-year-old has vowed to go an extra mile by defending her daughters aged 17 and 10 respectively from sex predators who stole her virginity.


She opened up to H-Metro Lifestyle & Entertainment over the weekend after handed over car keys to her daughter Felisha as a birthday present.


It was double joy for Felisha who recently turned 17 recently as well as acquiring her Class 2 Driver’s Licence during the same week.


She is now rolling in a brand new Toyota Jewela Vizt doing her errands as a make-up artist and beautician.


“Life is very cruel if you don’t invest in your children when they reach this age as thy are exposed.


“I bought her this car so that she is not tempted by man rolling in cars since I am grooming her to become an entrepreneur in her own right.


“In my case, I was made pregnant when I was only 18 and I didn’t know how to change nappies and look after a young baby, some of the demons that I don’t want to befall my children.


“I want them to realise that I am a focused mother who want the best out of them and I will not tire until I empower them,” she said.


Mai TT said she was proud of her daughter who is doing well with her cosmetic brand, Fifi Fabulous Beauty Products.


“When I went live talking about this gift that I gave my daughter; I wasn’t trying to be showy but rather I wanted to inspire other women in my similar position to do something for their kids since we are all working to empower them.


“It’s now our duty as parents to nurture our children so that we give them a life to ensure that they stay away from early pregnancy.


“Early pregnancy is not only a setback but one can lose their lives giving birth because they will not be ready for marriage.


“I experienced it when I gave birth and it was not a good experience but I am now grateful to God because He is doing wonders in my life,” she said.


Asked where she purchased the vehicle and its value, she continued:


“We paid US$4900 for the vehicle at a local car sales company in the city capital. This present has always been Felisha’s wish and I am happy that she can drive on herself doing most of her errands.


“However, I will continue monitoring her as a mother and I don’t want any nonsense since I am grooming her to become her own lady.”


She also said that she would also support her daughter to continue with school despite venturing into business at a young age.


“She is still in high school at a private college where she is doing very well. I will also continue to encourage her to study because we want intelligent and focused business executives in life nowadays.”


Meanwhile, Mai TT celebrated her 35th birthday in Sandton, South Africa where she was pampered with gifts.


“I only celebrated my 35th birthday in South Africa with a small group of people since partying remains banned back home.


“I would have loved to make it big back home but we are living in these tough times of Covid-19 where we need to adhere to the World Health Organisations regulations to fight the scourge.


“I see God’s grace all the time as He continues to bless my hustle, this loving family and children every day,” she said.

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