Denzel’s cousin disputes Nancy’s claims

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Denzel’s cousin disputes Nancy’s claims Luciana Dube


22 February 2019

Luciana Dube

DENZEL Burutsa’s cousin Luciana Dube has denied the allegations laid against her by Nancy Masiyambiri about the sex tape that leaked to the public domain.

The 30-year-old blamed Denzel’s cousin for leaking her sex tape with former Studio 263 actor.

“Denzel is my cousin and I am not taking anyone’s side.

“Denzel showed me the video but he never sent me anything because I didn’t have a phone by that time.

“When I got a phone I texted Nancy asking her why she was tarnishing my name and  told her I would send the video to her boyfriend, but then I didn’t have the video and she knew it.

“I even have our messages,” said Luciana.

“I was surprised my name being mentioned by Brian on their live video on Facebook.

“Denzel never blackmailed her and if she claims she went to the police, why is it that Denzel did not get any communication from the police?

“And secondly she claims her boyfriend told her that I was showing interest in him.

“If I was interested how did it happen when she claims he is in China? Her boyfriend stays in Ruwa and is married,” she added.

Luciana said Nancy even apologised to her.

“Nancy sent messages asking for forgiveness and begging me to come back in her life.

“She told me her video had leaked and she even said I know it’s not you who leaked it and I would give her advice since we were once friends.

“She kept insisting I should come and see her when I am back since I was in Mutare with some modelling business when it happened, but I suspected something,” she said.

She said Nancy lied about Denzel blackmailing her since they did sex tapes more than once.

“Nancy gets about $15 to $20 dollars a day from her tuck shop and Denzel would never ask for US$500 dollars from someone who gets that amount.

“Let’s be reasonable and if she was being blackmailed why would she do sex tapes with Denzel more than once?

“Denzel showed me two different sex tapes of him and Nancy,” she told H-Metro.

Luciana also said she is worried about Nancy’s child who is exposed to indecent acts.

“Since I am a model I wanted to do a campaign for child abuse because I remember seeing her five-year old lying next to her on the sex tape.

“She is busy dragging me into her scandal to cover up her deeds and we are busy concentrating on her disgusting thighs what about that poor kid?

“Who knows what she has seen or not seen? That is child abuse and honestly it’s sickening. She should stop lying to people and trying to blame Denzy on everything and fix herself and make sure the child doesn’t have to be exposed to indecent acts.

“I admit Denzel was wrong and I lost the respect I had for him but Nancy is also wrong because she is busy dating married men and having sex in front of her child, she should get counselling for the sake of her children and herself,” said Luciana.

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