Depression is real: MisRed

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Depression is real: MisRed MisRed


Latwell Nyangu

RADIO personality and social influencer, Samantha ‘MisRed’ Musa, says depression has motivated her to become an author.

The television presenter was speaking during Star FM’s After Drive Show hosted by DJ Olla 7 on Tuesday night.

“I love the fact that I was able to put everything about my life, things I have faced, into a book.

Zvaimakisa pandakanyora, I was afraid to tell people that I had written a book, I was so scared but if you go through my book, Be Faithful to Your Happiness, that is kind of a run-down of my life into small pockets.

“I wouldn’t want to tell everyone about my life but I want people to get the book and get a small insight of me.

“I launched the book last year in May, and people know MisRed and there is Samantha Musa, who are two different people,” she said.

MisRed said she gets inspiration from her personal experiences.

“I used to have an anonymous blog where I would blast people, I never told anyone about this.

“My friend knew about this, then akanditi ko wadii waita something?

“I always loved writing about things that were personal to me and I started writing when I was going through depression.

“I had a very serious issue, about three years ago, and my doctor then told me kuti it’s always good kuti ndiite ndichinyora some of the things which I will be going through.

“So, as I was writing what I was going through, I was also writing about my life and that’s how the book came in kind of pieces.

“The writing helped with my depression and from there I was like let me continue doing this,” said MisRed.

She added: “Depression is real and at times unenge uchitadza kuudza munhu, kuti I am sad today.

“You will be having a lot on your mind, somehow you are unhappy.

“So, when I started writing, I felt better and I realised that happiness is not a destination, it’s a journey.

“That’s was the inspiration to finding my happiness.”

Asked how she was dealing with cyber bullies, MisRed said: “I have a beautiful life, children, I have food on my table. I realised we all come from different places.

“I don’t know you personally, so the fact that your attack has no meaning to me, you don’t know me.

Kudhara ndaipinda nemoyo,” said the radio personality.”

MisRed also shared some of the challenges women in the media face.

“Being a woman in the media is the most difficult thing, because so many things of your life are affected.

“Being a woman generally is difficult and being a black woman in media is worse, there are so many perceptions around who we should be, who we are, so ndinofamba ndichitonzi haa vaya vakatopedzwa nananhingi.

“I am just a girl, I am feeding my kids, ndiri munhu mukuru, I am turning 33. I should have a boyfriend, a somebody.

“Apart from that, I work very hard, people have a perception that to be this unenge wakarara nanhingi, but we work.

“Relationships are tough, looking for money is tough, you have to always prove yourself, but I am proud that we have a generation of women in media who can stand their ground.

“It’s taboo as well for a woman to give an opinion but we are changing the narrative,” she said.

MisRed also cleared the air about her much-publicised engagement.

“I was engaged, five years ago, and I almost got married because I was in a seven-year relationship with this gentleman.

“We have a daughter together and sometimes things don’t work but he is a great father.

“I am in another situation and that’s okay, tiri vanhu vakuru,” she added.

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