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12 October 2018

Lloyd Chitembwe

CAPS United coach Lloyd Chitembwe believes Dynamos are still a tough opponent despite their current position on the log standings.

Chitembwe said the fact that Dynamos are fighting relegation does not give his side any reason to be comfortable when they clash on Sunday.

“The derby has always been a tough match and it is still a tough game, therefore we need to prepare ourselves and get ready for a very big challenge.

“Games against Dynamos have never been easy and it is very normal for us to expect a tough challenge.

“Dynamos fighting relegation is not an advantage to us, in fact it gives us more reasons to prepare for a very strong force,” He said.

Chitembwe added that his squad is ready for the big battle.

“The team is ready for the game.

“Mentally and physically the boys are prepared for the battle,” he added.

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