Designer humbled by celebrities’ support

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Designer humbled by celebrities’ support


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

AWARD-WINNING designer John ‘Desiigner Jay Tee’ Mazhinye says designing for several top celebrities is humbling.

The Chitungwiza-born designer runs S.o.G Clothing Company, which has attracted the interest of celebrities including Winky D, DJ Fantan, Enzo Ishal, Miss Rach, Miss V-Candy, Zazalicious, Noble Stylz, DJ Krimz, Layaan, Scara the Drummer, DJ Fafi, DJ Boss Spencer, Patience Musa, Vokal, Cindy Munyavi and Rux WekwaRukobo among other celebrities.

Desiigner Jay Tee

The designer said he owes his success to God and is working towards having his brand recognised internationally.


He recently designed the outfit Mbeu wore in his new release Ndoringa featuring Mambo Dhuterere.

Vigilance Band

“For me to design Mbeu’s outfit, I got a call from his manager Eugine, since we have been friends for two years ago.


“Eugine called me and told me they were shooting a video with Mambo Dhuterere. “So he wanted an outfit yegemenzi and I didn’t measure Mbeu by the way, but I just used my measurement since we are of the same stature.

Winky D and Jay Tee

“The manager came to collect the outfit at my place after a week. Later on in the day, they posted the picture and gave me credit.


“After that the video came out, they were happy and promised to work with me and I was humbled to be called by them for the outfit,” said Jay Tee.


Winky D

His inspiration comes from different things.


“It’s not something specific. Maybe during a movie or on a music video I can just start to think of a design and start to brain storm.

Boss Spencer and Poptain

“At times I keep it in my head or put it on paper.


“I give credit to God for blessing me to such great heights.


“It’s amazing that I am able to design for all these celebrities; it’s a great honour.


“I am not yet there, but this is an opportunity to speak to them, make them happy and the fans are liking my designs.


“It’s God’s work; people just started referring each other, and I ended up getting people and then celebrities referring other celebrities.”


“I started doing fashion in 2012, but I learnt how to tailor make stuff in 2017 of which I didn’t really go to school.


“It took me six months to be able to complete one product and I learn from people I used to give my work to.


“The clothing company S.o.G was born between 2013 and 2014 before I officially started taking orders from people under my brand.


“T-shirts, hoodies, caps were first to be known since they had my logo, S.o.G, and during that time, I was dressing Noble Styles.


“In 2014-15, that was the beginning of my big break.”


Jay Tee said his designs are mainly African print.


“My designs are African print, mostly outfits and dresses. I also do suits, corporate dresses and wedding outfits.


“I also do bridal wear. We are not really into school wear, but do formal wear,” he added.


To his credit, Jay Tee has two awards for best male apparel designer, two nominations for best brand and a certificate of appreciation from three different competitions/fashion shows including the 2016 Castle Tankard, Summer Fashion and Style Awards and Zim Hip-Hop Awards.

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