Desist from drugs: Minister

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Desist from drugs: Minister Minister Obadiah Moyo


Shalom Manguni, H-Metro Reporter

Youths have been urged to desist from consuming drugs as they are killing many people through injuries, road traffic accidents, violence and suicides.

Speaking during the combined launch and commemoration of the World No Tobacco day and International Day Against Drug Abuse and illicit trafficking in Dzivaresekwa on Wednesday, Minister of Health and Child Care Dr Obadiah Moyo said young people should make a pledge to walk away from substances of abuse.

“As we mark this year’s world no Tobacco Day combined with the International Day Against Drug Abuse we are appealing to young people not to use drugs.

“Many of those affected are young adults; studies show that some young people start to use alcohol and substances from as early as 12 years of age in Zimbabwe,” he said.

He said drugs affects young people’s productivity, disrupts the families and the progression of their own lives.

“Second hand smoke kills 1, 2 million people per year, 65 000 of them being children.

“Substance use is destroying many of our young people’s lives,” he said.

Dr Moyo urged musicians and artistes to use the influence they have positively and promote young people to desist from drugs.

“We call on musicians and artistes to use the influence they have to help young people walk away from drugs.

“Easy accessibility, peer pressure and social pressure through social media are common risk factors for alcohol and substance use among youth.

“The arts, music and the media influence young people and can be a vehicle for an anti-substance use message,” he added.

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