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A 25-year-old woman from Hatcliffe is appealing for financial assistance to seek medical treatment for her two children.

Lynn Mufunda told H-Metro that her son, Munashe Chiname (2), was born with a small black spot on his cheek and it had since grown and covered one side of his mouth.

Her other son, Tinashe (3) was born with no health issues, but his head just started swelling.

Doctors told her that Tinashe’s head is saturated with water which must be drained.

“I am begging for help to get my sons treated. Munashe is given an injection, which costs US$30, and I am struggling to raise it as I am not employed.

‘’Tinashe can’t walk or speak and I need assistance with the money to buy diapers and food,” said Lynn.

The boys’ father, Tafadzwa Chiname, said that they once went to Sally Mugabe Central Hospital and we were asked to pay US$220 for Munashe’s treatment, and US$250 to have water drained from Tinashe’s head.

“I am not employed and can’t raise that amount and thats why we are appealing for assistance. 

“May Zimbabweans help us because it hurts watching our children suffering like this,” said Tafadzwa.

Those willing to assist can contact the Tafadzwa on 0712750018.

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