Zvikomborero Parafini

THE man widely known as ‘Detective Kedha,’ who is a private investigator, allegedly kidnapped a woman and dumped her at Harare Central Police Station.

Tafadzwa Chidawa, who is known as ‘Detective Kedha’ was investigating the woman at the request of her boyfriend.

He was dragged to court yesterday.

The court heard that on March 5, Chidawa and his five accomplices contacted Sallom Gandiya purporting to be her boyfriend’s cousin.

Chidawa invited Gandiya to meet him at Caledon Shops, along Seke Road, and she hired a cab that was being driven by Watson Gatsi.

The two drove to Caledon Shops where they were approached by Chidawa and his accomplices who introduced themselves as police detectives from Harare Central Police Station.

They told Gandiya and the driver that they were under arrest because she was lying to her boyfriend that she was pregnant.

They hadcuffed Gandiya and used violence to force her into a car which was driven to Mutare Road.

Gandiya then called her friend informing him that she had been kidnapped.

After hearing the conversation, the gang drove back to Harare and dumped Gandiya and Gatsi at Harare Central Police Station.

The two duly filed a police report.

The State, represented by Rufaro Chonzi, opposed bail and led evidence from the investigating officer revealed that Chidawa fled from police custody after his arrest.

The matter is back in court today where magistrate Dennis Mangosi is expected to hand down the bail ruling.

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