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Shelly Guni, Sports Reporter

SWIMMING coach Alywin Khanye believes developing a strong relationship with a swimmer is the ­ first step towards producing a champion.

Khanye said trainers have different philosophies about the best way to grow and nurture an athlete’s skill so they can accomplish their goals.

Alywin Khanye

Some are successful and others fail.


Alywin Khanye has been a swim coach for over 15 years. He is also the founder of Alywin Swimming Academy.

“I think to an outsider it appears coaching is a lot about technique and planning the training,” said Khanye.


“I believe that the relationship between a swimmer and coach is really important and possibly even bigger than the technique and training.


“The better the relationship between a coach and a swimmer, and the more honest and genuine that is, that only transfers to how well the technique is applied and how hard the swimmer works during training sessions.”


Located at Borrowdale Racecourse, Alywin Swimming Academy was established in 2013 and offers services to both children and adults.


Khanye holds various qualifications in the form of basic military training, basic commando skills, small arms instructor’s training, basic reconnaissance, level 1 international lifesaving bronze medallion, the swimming teachers certificate 2017, 1 swimming coaching course, water safety and CPR level 1.


He also offers lifeguard courses for corporates and individuals.


“My progress in the last several years has definitely been accelerated by my thirst for education and quest to become a better coach by being open to other ideas,” he said.


“Not thinking I have the right answer to everything, and possibly there is more than one right answer in a lot of situations.”


“I am quite happy where I am,” he said.


“I work with young children who are always presenting me with different challenges. I’m certainly not bored.”

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