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‘DHEWA COMMEMORATIONS MATTER’ The late Tongai 'Dhewa' Moyo


Trust Khosa, Assistant News  Editor

Philanthropist and Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo’s family friend, Cossy Rules, says the late Utakataka Express leader’s 10th anniversary celebrations matter despite Peter Moyo and Tongai Junior’s resistance to perform under one roof.

Dhewa died on October 15 2011 aged 43 after battling cancer.

Cossy Rules

After his demise, festivities would mark the day and this time around, Kadoma businessman Cossy Rules was tasked to unite Peter and his younger brother who, however, both made ‘weird’ demands.


Following the collapse of the talks, Tongai Junior will now hold the 10th Dhewa commemorations at Tropicana Hotel in Kwekwe tomorrow.

Peter Moyo

In Harare, Peter has lined up a show at Bar Rouge this Sunday making them parallel celebrations as was earlier reported by H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle.


However, Cossy Rules – whose birth name is Cosmos Daka – said he will attend both commemorations and urged Utakataka Express in Kwekwe and Harare to support keep Dhewa’s legacy going.

Obert Tongai Moyo

“I tried my best as a family friend and father figure to assist the boys to at least hold one show and show solidarity but they both made weird demands.


“Peter Moyo agreed to hold share the stage with Tongai Junior on condition that his sponsors would not bail his younger brother.


“On one hand, Peter Moyo’s younger brother who is yet to make strong connections agreed but later the arrangement collapsed,” he said.


The Kadoma Ward 11 Councillor, who tried his best to give Dhewa a befitting 10th anniversary celebrations, urged fans to show up in numbers at the feuding brothers’ different shows.


“As it stands right now, we urged those in Gweru Kadoma and Kwekwe to support Tongai Junior’s initiative while those in Harare and its environs to do the same for Peter.


“Those who are capable of attending both shows can do the same but at the moment Dhewa commemorations matter.


“What is really important is that Tongai Moyo has been remembered, we didn’t want a situation where the day will go unnoticed because Dhewa was a peace-loving man,” he added.


The commemorations come at a time when Peter Moyo is promoting his fifth album titled Maricho Kwamoyo, which was recorded at KOM Studios by Oscar Chamba.


Besides this album, he boasts of four other albums namely Mushonga Mukuru released in 2013, Mabasa aMwari (2015), Mopao Mokonzi (2017) and Mwana WeMurozvi (2019).


Tongai Junior is also set to launch his debut album titled Dhewa Venyu today.


It carries six tracks namely Mbinga, Titambe Ngoma, My Moyo, Dhewa Venyu, Tsoka yeRudo and Uriko-ndiripo.


He has also released a series of singles comprising Dzinza Rinokosha featuring Ronnie Mudhindo, Chingoziva featuring Chief Hwenje and his first solo track single titled Cain and Abel.



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