Dhewa commemorations unite family

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Dhewa commemorations unite family PETER Moyo


Shingirirayi Mugodi

PETER Moyo and his younger brother Tongai Junior are set to hold a joint show in honour of their late father.

Tongai Moyo succumbed to cancer on October 15, 2011.

His music still appeals to fans, 11 years after his death.

As such, the late Utakataka Express leader’s life is celebrated in October with high-profile shows.

This year’s commemorations will be held at Jongwe Corner on October 16.

Suluman Chimbetu, First Farai and Somandla Ndebele are set to take part in the event.

Admission is set at US$10 for adults and US$5 for children.

Speaking to H-Metro, Peter said they were going to make the most of the event

“We, together with the other artists who are set to perform on the day, are going to be playing all the Tongai Moyo songs.

“We are going to make sure that we play each song, from his very first song, album by album, and try to play as many as we can.

“That way, we can all have fun and remember Dhewa through his music,” he said.

Peter said his late father was irreplaceable.

“People have different things that they do and which they are known for.

“I believe that he had his own way of moulding his craft into fine art and no one can do what he did.

Tongai Junior

“After his death, we saw a sudden rise in the profile of the Zim dancehall industry as fans changed genres because they lost Dhewa,” he said.

Asked what role his father played in the sungura music circles, Peter said:

“When he passed away, I did not know much about music but I got a better understanding and appreciation as I grew up.

“We can all agree that the music rivalry that was there between my father and Macheso gave life to the sungura genre.

“Both their fans wanted to know of the new music and listened to both the legends although they were said to be rivals.

“His musical relationship with Baba Shero was good for sungura.

“My father always said that he wanted all of his children to be educated.

“I am happy that I managed to go to school and fulfil my father’s greatest wish,” he said.

Peter said he has been doing his best to follow in his father’s footsteps.

“I will not lie to you and tell you that it is easy.

“There is a lot of pressure that comes with trying to fill those big shoes but I can gladly say that I am managing,” he told H-Metro.

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