Dhewa taught us to pray – Mawungira Edenga

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Dhewa taught us to pray – Mawungira Edenga


13 November 2013

KWEKWE based choral group, Mawungira Edenga, is no doubt winning back lost souls to God through their music.

Fronted by twin brothers Sylvester and Everson Mutema, the group continues to burn a trail of success with each project.

Famed for their well-choreographed acts, the twin brothers who are also promoting Methodist Church in Zimbabwe songs, passed through the tutelage of the late Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo.

Despite being aides of the late sungura legend, the twin brothers were already pursuing gospel music.

The twin brothers, who front their six-piece band, opened up about their musical journey, trials and tribulations. Read on…


As a choral group, we are determined to preach the word of God across nations through music.

Dominating in the sub-region and eventually the whole continent is our wish.

To ensure we achieve all this, we will stick together and keep on praying to God so that he gives us the direction to follow.

By the way, we are not doing music for survival but we are just preaching good news and we hope to make a breakthrough internationally.


Regarding our musical journey, it all started in 2003 when we were still working as Vawadzani Vedenga under the late Bishop Pheveni.

We recorded an album titled Rwendo Rwekudenga in the same year.

In 2006, we also released our second album titled Mira Pamukaha before the group disbanded as we went on to pursue other projects.


In the year 2009, we regrouped and formed the new group Mawungira Edenga.

We went on to release our first project as Mawungira Edenga in 2010 titled Najesu Tichaonana.

We took an eight-year break since we were committed with other businesses.

Right now we are focused and spreading the word of God through music remains our mission.

We have been performing at church conferences and we also get hired by other churches.

Recently, we performed at the Zimbabwe College of Music where Pastor Charles Charamba and wife Olivia launched their church, Rooted in Christ Ministries.

  • TOURS  

In our quest to promote the word of God beyond our borders, we will be travelling to Zambia on November 23 where we have been invited for a church conference.

After Zambia, we are going to tour Botswana in December for a series of shows.

We are also going to launch the single Natsa Nzira Yaanofamba during the tour and we are dedicating this song to our late member Joseph Govere.


Like we indicated earlier on, some people will be surprised to hear that it was Tongai Moyo who taught us to pray.

We used to meet for evening prayers at his homestead in Kwekwe and we would sing choruses.

That is when Tongai realised that we were sitting on our talents.

He is the one who recommended us to Gramma Records where we went on to record our albums.

Besides teaching us to be God-fearing artistes, musically he was a mentor.

Tongai was also a prayer warrior and working with him was a blessing to us as we benefited a lot.

And losing him in 2011 came as a blow to us because he was like a father figure to us.

We are still in touch with his family and we wish them to be strong without Dhewa who was their breadwinner.


Besides being musicians, we are also into mining and we run two gold claims in Mutoko.

We have partnered with the Chinese on the other claim and the other is ours with my brother.

So you can easily deduce that we are not doing music for survival rather we are simply doing it for the love of preaching the word of God.

As for our band members, we also cater for them from the proceeds we get from mining gold in Mutoko.


Like any other profession, we are bound to meet temptations.

One of the temptations we face is that of people who belittle us.

There are also some who underrate us but we keep on praying.

Regarding women from churches who throw themselves to us, we just pray for strength.

In fact we don’t give in to their seductive tendencies as we are proud of our wives.

We also move around with our wives when performing to ensure that we don’t get tempted by other women.


We might not have any awards but managing to preach the gospel through music remains one of our achievements.

Besides not surviving through music, I can safely say that fulfilling our mining adventures is also a big achievement.

We have also managed to show the world that musicians can also venture into business and excel.

In our case, we are excelling both in mining and music and we owe this to God.

Lastly, employing people is also an achievement.


On a parting note, I would like to thank a number of people who have been there for us when we started this mission.

These people include Mr Marima, Kwekwe based businessman Arthur Bravo, music promoter Cossy Rules, Oliver Kwekwe, Mother Chimuka from Zambia, Bishop Simba from the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe.

We also want to thank the media (both print and electronic) as well as our producers, fans  and families.

Thank you!

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