Dhlakama excited

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Dhlakama excited Rodwell Dhlakama


Curtworth Masango, Sports Reporter

Ngezi Platinum coach Rodwell Dhlakama is excited with the return of football and he expects the mini-league to pave way for the full resumption of the game.

In an interview he said:


“We are resuming games and that’s important.


“That’s our lifestyle and we cannot complain about the time we were given to prepare because it’ affected everyone except FC Platinum who had a dance in the champions league.


“As for everyone, we still at the same fitness level and we are basically facing the same problem.

To a lesser extent Highlanders are better off now considering the olivine branch extended to them when they participated in the Uhuru cup.”


Dhlakama said what is important at the moment is the resumption of football.


“We have done very well to prepare for the components of the game but we are not happy because we were supposed to be given a longer preseason such that we work on our tactics and other stuff.


“We usually get six weeks for preparation and this is our fifth week. Normally preseason is seven to eight weeks but because we were given a short period we worked with that,” he said.


The former Chapungu coach applauded the authorities for bringing back local football.


“Going into the mini-league since it’s a test phase whether to resume the league or not we would want to applaud the authorities for giving us the opportunity because football is our lifestyle as I have alluded before.


“But then we have to consider the plight of player to avoid injuries and other stuff. The players are excited that they are back and it’s not going to be easy for everyone. But it’s up to us to fight, soldier on, endure, persevere so that we show the nation that we are serious about football.”


Dhlakama said as coaches they will try to work on covering up lost time on shaping their players.


“If you are living a sedentary lifestyle it’s very difficult because you are not moving and you are spending most of the time at home that means the muscles are affected mostly. When you try to train and stretch the muscles there will be lot of luxations in the muscles when oxygen muscles will be dead and there will be need of a great scientific approach which is a player centred and coach driven to ensure you don’t damage players muscles.”


“For young players it will be more difficult because the development was shelved especially after having one season of non activity. That is one of the things will try to attend as coaches as quick as possible as to cover up for the lost time.


But all the same we are happy that we are back and ready to fight. Yes football is very unpredictable but if you want to be successful you have to try your best to ensure that you  reinvigorate the confidence back in the players,” he added.

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