Dhuterere’s birthday message to wife…as fans express mixed feelings

Latwell Nyangu

Gospel musician Mambo Dhuterere’s happy birthday wish to his wife yesterday triggered mixed reactions from his fans.

The musician posted a birthday message to his wife on his Facebook Page in which some sections of the fans mocked him stating that if there were no issues, he would not have posted anything.

Despite mystery still surrounding her age, reports are that she turned 27 against what some sections say, that she is way older.

Dhuterere recently triggered controversy after he was allegedly accused of impregnating a church member.

Prior to the allegations, he posted that he was going through depression and was not taking any bookings.

It was also alleged that, Mai Dhuterere dumped him following the rumours.

He later responded to the social media burst, when he dispelled the infidelity rumours challenging anyone with evidence to bring it on.

He even offered US$20 000 for providing any evidence. The allegations were that his wife had deserted him after he reportedly impregnated a woman from his church.

Further allegations were that his wife and his side chick clashed at an unnamed car wash after she discovered her husband’s alleged infidelity.

The social media backlash made him issue a statement that he was depressed mentally, emotionally and spiritually which further fuelled speculation around his marriage.

While there were claims on social media that he bought her a commuter omnibus as a birthday present, Dhuterere did not say much on his Facebook page:

“Queen… we wish you many more.”

The post was received with mixed reactions with some wishing Mai Dhuterere more years and others praising her for patience accusing her husband of being promiscuous.

Below are some of the comments from his post:

Vavengi vachiwona…. Aewa iyi couple yakanyanya hamuna zvamungaiite. — Frank Nyathi.


Happy birthday Mai mwana , wish you many more years of happiness and Prosperity. — Romeo Gasa and Extra Valembe.


Happy birthday mai Dhuterere we know you very well and we love you wish you more blessed and happy life in your marriage. Those who are for you are more than those who are against you. — Bridget Muradzikwa.


Queen we love you and we wish you many more birthdays to celebrate. — Oliviah Hombani.


Happy birthday to you and many more fruitful years filled with happiness in your life stay safe with lots of happiness, laughter. — Sparkle Lyka SP.


Hbd mai Dhuts hakuna murume asina zvake, imba kutoshinga. — Massie See Natalie.


Happy birthday to her. Kana twumwe twaunodya ukande futi, tsepete tsepete makaenda. — Munyaradzi Kwanisa.


Chinobhowa ndechekuti all along vanenge vasingapostwe then vozotanga kupostwa zvadai haaa mambo musadaro. — Tafadzwa Charakupa.


Blessed makakomborerwa makaroora mudzimai akadzikama dei vari vedu ava takatoona drama nepasina nyaya. — Pablo zw.


Happy heartbreak to ah sorry happy birthday to her Queenterere. — RegVibes Nyika.


Happy birthday mai Dhuterere life begins at 40 wish you many more years to come, may your day be filled with joy, love and happiness. —Heather Mandivhey.


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