DIANA, PRINCESS OF DAR. . . Beyond the beauty, is a lawyer, peace advocate

Talent Gore

SHE has sent social media into meltdown with her beauty but there is more to Diana Paul Chando than just her stunning model looks.

Ironically, she has the same first name as another woman who was celebrated around the world for her beauty, the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

The Tanzanian lawyer, who was part of the African Union observer mission during the harmonised polls held last week, is a peace advocate on the continent.

And, that is more important than a fixation with her beauty, which apparently became the focus of many Zimbabwean men on social media.

She is the African Union Youth Ambassador for the Eastern Africa Region.

“During my degree studies I saw an advert about a training session on Peace and Security offered by Dr Cedric De Coning,” she said on her social media platforms.

“I remember quickly asking my lecturer to give me the permission to attend it and I learnt so much on YPS (Youth, Peace and Security).

“Little did I know that I will come to serve as a Peace Ambassador in the African Union in the coming years.

“Experts need to invest in young people through knowledge sharing, not because they should, but because the promising tomorrow is held on the hands of the current youth.”

After a visit to South Sudan, she remarked:

“For a country that has brutally suffered from conflict, I must commend on the unity, positive energy and hope on the faces of the youth in South Sudan.”

She believes the youths are “the hope of today, and the joy of tomorrow.”

However, for many Zimbabwean men, the focus has been on her stunning beautiful features and scores have turned social media into a playground for them to discuss, and appreciate, her beauty.

Below are some of the comments:

Masiyana nekaBrazilian kekuChikurubi varume hatigutsikane for now. Takunda Farm Boy.


This lady is focussed. – rachelkmnemo.


Tanzanian women are beautiful and the best, this observer can observe my life closely, hey, bullet Baba. Tell her she possesses a substantial amount of physical attraction. – Jedzathe1


Mazimba dzidzai kuappreciator vanyu vakadzi vamunawo munyika menyu. Dzimwe hype dzamunongoita is embarrassing. – Reginald Musimbe.


Wotonzwa zvichinzi vakadzi vakafanana. Sukue Mabhena.


MaZimbo munokara uuum hamusati mapedza nezaKero wekuChikurubhi makutsoma Diana futi. Lindani Timothy.


Akatotorwa nemadhara eAfrican Union anemari kanganwai dzokai kwatiri zvipurunyunyu zvenyu mutitodzidze kutida ava munovawanira kuhope. Gire Kay.


These are future young Pan African leaders who will make Africa strong. Vincent Save.


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